How To Track Your Lost Smartphone

By | April 14, 2018

Is your phone stolen? If your smartphone is not available, then follow these methods so that you will be able to find your phone quite easily. And you will be able to catch the thief who stole your phone. So let’s start how to track your Lost smartphone. Continue reading

October Movie Box Office Collection Predication: Varun Dhawan And Banita Sandhu

By | April 13, 2018

October Movie Box Office Collection PredicationOctober Movie Box Office Collection Predication: Varun Dhawan’s movie ‘October’ has been released this Friday. After the trailer, there is a lot of excitement in the people about this movie. Varun Dhawan knows how to go for comedy and Serious films. Varun Dhawan started his career with the ‘Student of the Year’ movie. This Bollywood actor had given the last film Judwaa 2 Super hit, which everyone liked. Judwaa 2 had 138.65 million Lifetime box office collections.

October Movie Box Office Collection And Story

Actor Bunitha Sandhu and Geetanjali Rao, along with Varun Dhawan in the October film. This film has been produced by Surjeet Sarkar. The film’s story is based on Love. It is being said that the film can earn good at the box office. According to the reports, this film can earn 100 million rupees on the first day and 20 million in the first week. The film has been released at around 1600 screens.

It is being said that Varun Dhawan had also reduced his fees for the October film, or Varun Dhawan used to charge 12 crores for each film. Varun has worked hard to play Danny in the film. Talking about the story of this film, Varun has played the role of Dane, who works as housekeeping in a hotel. And Varun is romancing with the little girl Banita Sindhu in this movie. Benita Sandhu plays the role of Shivali in this movie.