Best Free Password Manager Software 2018 List

By | April 14, 2018

Best Free Password Manager Software 2018: Password manager will help you keep a handle on how to create a secure password from growing cyber crime on the Internet.Password Manager, together with special careers, letter combinations and numbers, prepares a strong password.Some password managers save information about your login to your hard drive while some password managers save the information about your login directly to your online server. In such a case, if you forget your password then the password manager will help you remember.

You will get the best Free password manager Software information in this article.

Best Free Password Manager 2018 List


lastpass best free password manager software 2018

In this free password manager, you have the convenience of Unlimited Login Capacity, Automatic Generate Password and Automatic Form. With this help you can also secure the text. This software is available in free and premium. If you want to use all its features, then you can buy its premium version in some fees, Which allows you to keep the file in cloud storage through Multi-Factor Authentication.

Sticky Password

sticky password manager

This password manager has been created by AVG antivirus. The Cross Platform and Two Factor Authentication are the special features of this. You get this software free and premium. If you want all its features to it, then you can buy full version by paying some fees.


roboform password manager

You can use this software as a free mobile app. In this you can keep your notes in addition to unlimited login information. For Password Security, it’s great for Windows, iphone, Mac and Android.

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