Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Miracles Of India

By | April 16, 2018
prahlad jani

Friends, we have always been looking for big secrets in the history of the world. But you know that such an incident has happened in our country of India. All these incident are challenging science till date. So today in this post we will tell you about India’s biggest unsolved mysteries Miracles of India, which makes it difficult to understand science too.

Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Miracles Of India: Three Peoples

1. Prahlad jani

prahlad jani

You can say Prahlad jani to the world’s eighth wonder. Prahlad Jani has not eaten anything since the last 72 years, Prahlad is one such person who has survived without eating anything from his last 72 years. To investigate Prahlad Jani, a team of 35 doctors had kept him locked in a hospital for 15 days in a CCTV room, but there was no stir in his body and he was fine. Prahlad Jani is also known as Mataji. Born on August 13, 1929

2. Shanti devi

shaanti devi Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Miracles Of India

When Shanti Devi was 4 years old, she started worrying about the past birth. Shaanti living in Delhi began to say to his parents that his house is in Mathura, and his husband is watching his way. But his parents ignored his point of view and shaanti ran away at Mathura at the age of 6. When he was sent to the school, he also used to say to all that he was married, and after giving birth to a child, he died in 10 days. When the children were asked by the teacher, everyone said that Shaanti Devi spoke in Mathura language and repeatedly talking about their previous birth.

The headmaster of the school showed interest, and also found Kedarnath living in Mathura, whose wife Lugdi devi died 10 days after the child was born. After that Kedarnath and his son were called in Delhi and they were presented in different names in front of Shanti Devi, but Shanti Devi saw them after seeing them that they are the family of lugdi devi. After that Shanti Devi told Kedarnath about the incident from the past. Through which Kedarnath was convinced that Shanti Devi is his wife.  After the entire matter, Shanti Devi was taken to Mathura, where Shanti Devi recognized everyone and finally the investigator concluded that the Lugdi Devi has taken another birth in the form of Shanti Devi.

3. Bullet Baba (OM Banna)

bullet baba new

Bullet Baba is also known as banna. In 1988, Om Banna was going home from his in-laws house, but on the way, he collided with a tree and at the same time he died. The police kept that bullet in their police station, But the bullet was not found in the police station the next day, the bullet without any rides had moved on its own to the place where the beating had been done. At times, the police tied the bullet down, but still he would go to his master. Even today, the bullet became the cause of death, he was present. The people gave the bullet the form of God.

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