Google introduced Android P in I/O 2018 Event

By | May 9, 2018
Google introduced Android P event 2018

Google introduced Android P event 2018Google introduced Android P: The Google I / O 2018 event has started. In the first part of this event, the company has made many big announcements in terms of users. This time the company has introduced the Android P mobile operating system. This new operating system has been specially designed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It has got some of the new features of the adapter battery, adapter brightness, app actions, slices and so on. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has also announced Google News Redesign in this event.

Google introduced Android P in I/O 2018 Event: Here Are some Features

Adaptive Battery:

These features will make special arrangements for the battery, especially for the apps and services you are using the most. In this way, better management of the battery will help the smartphone to last longer.

Adaptive Brightness:

This new feature will now use machine learning. During this time, it will try to understand how users like to keep their screen brightness in different settings.

Design Change:

Google has improved user interface with new system navigation in the new Android P. There will be a quick redesigned setting. Also volume control, notification management and screenshots have been made even better. Apart from this, Google has made some minor changes in the new Android.

App action:

Android P has an App Action feature which will predict what you will do next job. So that you can stay faster and productive. As an example, the company said that, if you put headphones in your smartphone, then it will automatically give yourself a playlist open.


These features will give you more information about the apps you use most.

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