How To Update/Changes Documents Online: Aadhar Card,Pan Card,Passport and Voter ID

By | April 28, 2018

Pan Card, Voter ID, Aadhar Card and Passport are very important documents for every Indian citizen. From admission to school to opening a bank account, taking any kind of loan, these are very special documents. But sometimes there is a need to make some significant changes. Now the good thing is that for this, you will not have to run around any government office, but you can easily update them online. We will tell you today in this post how to update documents online. There are many types of documents such as passport, PAN card, Aadhar card and voter ID. You have to make changes in address, name and phone number, etc. We are going to tell you how to update them online.

How To Change/Update Voter Id Address, Name and Number

update voter id address

If you want to change the voter ID then click on Click on the correction of entries in electoral roll of this website. After that there is a spelling address and number of your name, you can correct such information. You need to login your number and email ID for this. For any kind of change here, you must have an adult certificate that address proof certificate. Your voter ID will change within 30 days after getting the full information.

How To Changes/Update Aadhar Card Address, Name and Number

aadhar card changes documents

It is now necessary to link phone numbers to pan card with aadhar card. In such a way, any kind of mistake in the Aadhaar card can put you in difficulty. To correct this kind of mistake, such as address, name and phone number, click here that click on Update Your Details on the Website. Now you have to get OTP available from your registered mobile. After this you will be able to make changes in your Aadhar card. Once the website is required to scan your identity, it is necessary to scan the self attested identification document. After this you can easily change the Aadhaar card.

How To Update/Changes Passport Name, Address

passport id update name address

To make a change in the passport, visit Register by clicking on the New Users option. Now click on the home button and click on the existing ID. Now after typing the ID and password, click on the download form or click on the password, fill in the correct information. And upload the E form from upload etc. Click on Pay and Schedule Appointments for fees. With this you can easily change passports or make new ones.

How To Changes/Update Pan Card Address, Name And Date of Birth

pan card update documents online

PAN card nowadays is necessary for the people to get a job or to open a bank account PAN card is required. If the PAN card is to change the address name, date of birth etc. then it can be done easily. For this, visit on your computer here. Then click on the online service for citizen option on the website. Now click on the PAN card change and correction. Here, you can make the necessary changes to the PAN card after attaching the photo copy of your ID proof address proof and PAN card.

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