India’s First Female Racing Champion: Alisha Abdullah

By | May 15, 2018
alisha abdullah

alisha abdullahFriends, most of the time, only the men were allowed to play the game. Whether it is football, cricket, bowling, or even bike or car racing. But in this new era of changing times, women also play many games like men. Elisha Abdullah, whose names have already been heard somewhere before. This is India’s first female racing champion. In today’s post, we will tell you about India’s first woman racing champion Elisha Abdullah. Jiho has left many boys behind with their racing and speed.

Today we are going to tell you India’s first female racing champion. Bike racing, which is generally considered to be just a hobby of boys, is also one of the best girls today, and one of them is Elisha Abdullah. In today’s Indian country where cricket is played like a religion, and other play is not given much importance in India. The cricketing game of cricket is considered ‘mango’ in India. On the contrary, other games are rarely seen.

Racing is a game in India that many people go to see and many people work in this game. The same thing is that only men in the country are seen associating with ‘sportsmanship’. Well, talking about players, we will tell you today about a person who will surprise you. These are Alisha Abdullah of Chennai Alisha is a professional racer and the country’s first woman racing champion

Alisha’s first encounter with racing took place during ‘go-karting’ when she was not even 10 years old. Alisha wanted to make a career in racing since the age of 13. Alisha’s father R.A. Abdullah is also an unmatched racer. 11-year-old Elisha wins all types of ‘go-karting’ race. When she was 13, Alisha won the MRF National Go Karting championship. Apart from this, Alisha also won the award in the Formula One car racing class. By the age of 15, Alisha began to go towards intrest bike racing. In 2004, Alisha was in the Top 5 in JK Tire National Racing Championship. At the same time, many racing doors were opened for them. After this he never looked back and looked back. Alisha had a very dangerous accident in 2010, after which she turned to four-wheelers.

Friends, there were some people’s questions about whether they would ever be seen in bike racing again. In response to this question, Elisha Abdullah said, “In a male-dominated sport I have injured the ego of men. And she can not afford that a girl is going ahead with them, so knowing she would bump my bike. But always fighting in But the accident was similar to death, so now I will not bike racing. Although I like it very much. ”

Alisha has also appeared in the films. That is why they understand them as a ‘beauty queen’. Elisha says, “Everyone is in your firmness. everything is possible. I also fell down, did not and did not happen, but all this brings you forward. “

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