Know About India’s Old Ellora Temple

By | May 15, 2018

India is the country of temples here but you will find the temple almost everywhere. In which you have some temples ancient and some new temples. India becomes a daily temple in the country. God is worshiped in the temples. There was no shortage of artisans in this country. Craftsmen of ancient times used to work very high. Today we are going to tell you about a similar temple which is more than 1200 years old and it is designed by cutting the same stone.

ellora temple

Kailash Temple

The Ellora architects have not done anything to make the Kailash temple built in the Himalayas for the Kailash Temple built in Ellora. They have lived and worked so hard by creating such a beautiful thing. This multi-storey temple of Shiva is made by cutting the rock solid rock. This Kailash temple built in Ellora is located in the famous Ellora cave in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. This temple is famous for the largest statue of the same stone rock built around the world. It took about 150 years to prepare this temple and nearly 7,000 workers worked on it continuously. Here the temple is located in the cave number 16 of Ellora. An embossment of the Kailas Mountain has been built in this temple.


There are three types of caves in Ellora, the first Mahayani Buddhist caves, the other mythical Hindu caves, and the third Digambar Jain caves. In these caves only one cave is 12-storey, which is called ‘Kailash Temple’. The temple was built by Lord Krishna of the Rashtrakutas ruler. This cave is a wonderful specimen of craft art. The craft of every statue of a huge temple made by cutting in the same rock is of high quality. Ellora village is one kilometer away from these caves. In the name of this village it is called ‘Ellora caves’.


The rest of the temple except the Kailash temple built in Ellora are said to have been around 600-750 AD. Ellora’s sculpture is amazing. After the Gupta period, such a grand construction was not made in any period of time. Ellora caves are directly related to Buddhist, Hindu and Jainism, so the followers of these religions are crowded here. Apart from this, the whole of the country and the foreign tourists also stay there for the whole year. There are so many attractions and skills in these caves that all the tourists who come here are amazed to see them. The whole area is very open and calm. Near Ellora is the temple of ‘Ghrishneshwar Mahadev’.

Gorgeous etching

Ellora’s cave-16 is the largest cave in Ellora, with the most excavation work done. The Kailash temple here has a huge and magnificent decoction, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, the owner of Kailash. The Kailash Temple was inspired by ‘Virupakshak Mandir’ and was built during the rule of Rashtrakut dynasty. Like other caves, there are entrances, pavilions and statues. Photos and sculptures of Ajanta and Ellora have been considered as outstanding specimens of Buddhist religious art after UNESCO declared ‘World Heritage Site’ since 1983 and they have a profound influence on the development of art in India.

Unique architecture

The architects of Ellora have not left any shortage to give Kailash temple the Kailash of the Himalayas. This multi-storey temple of Shiva has been made by cutting the rocky rock of the mountain and it is estimated that about 3 million hands stone has been cut off from it. The terrible idol of Rakhi Bhairav ​​in Kailash, the idol of Parvati is equally affectionate and the velocity of the oracle is such that there is no other available anywhere in the stone.

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