Latest Whatsapp Trick 2018: How To Hide Whatsapp Last Seen and Blue Tick

By | May 6, 2018
whatsapp tricks 2018

whatsapp tricks 2018Latest Whatsapp Trick 2018: When we read someone’s messages on WhatsApp, the sender starts having a blue tick show. It turns out that the message has read. But there is an app that can hide this feature.

Latest Whatsapp Trick 2018 For Whatsapp Users

After reading the message in it, the sender will not have a blue tick show. Also, the right last scene will not even appear. This app works even when we have opted for the Last Seine and Blue Tick Show option. The app name is Unseen – No – Last Seen.Many times we read people’s messages on WhatsApp but do not want to reply to them. In such a situation, the sender of the message knows that we have read the message and it becomes compulsion to reply.

However, users can go to Account Settings> Privecy and hide last seen and Blue Tick so that no one can read the message. Because we do not even see blue ticks. We can not see others’ last scene too.

Steps To Hide Blue Tick And Last Seen:

First download the Unseen – No Last Sean App from the Google Play Store.

After this, go to notification access and click OK.
After this you will see a page in which you will be welcomed when you come to Unseen app. The telegram and messenger options will also be seen here. These apps can also be used for both of these.

latest whatsapp trick 2018
Now, as soon as you get any message on WhatsApp. So all the messages will start coming to this app. After reading the message, the sender will not see the blue tick.

Latest Whatsapp Trick



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