How to Listen any Mobile call on Your phone (Call Forwarding Feature)

By | April 26, 2018

Hello friends, today I am telling you about a very different trick, so that you can receive any call from your friend, girlfriend or family member on your mobile and they will not even know. You do not need any app for this, you can do this trick very simply. In this post, we are going to tell you how to listen to any call on your Phone.

Listen any Mobile call on Your phone Steps:

First go to your mobile dialog box and dial ** 62* on there. After that, you have to enter the mobile number for which you want to receive the call. After that, dial is #. You can choose the mobile operators like Jio, Idea, Vodafone that you want to forward the call. With this, the call forwarding register will be successful.

How to Listen any Mobile call on Your phone

You can also do this trick on your own phone. Suppose you have two phones, one smartphone and another one using a small phone with less use. The small phone number can dial **62* in the dial-up box of your smartphone. All calls from your small phone will come to your smartphone phone.

If you want to stop this feature from these futures, then I am telling you in this post too.

How To Stop Any Mobile Call On Your Phone Steps:

To stop you have to press ##002# in the dial-up box. By which call forwarding will be removed. You can also use this trick to find out your girlfriend that she is not cheating on you and you can also joke with your friend.

stop call forwarding feature

This is a simple way to turn on or off call forwarding.

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