Most Dangerous Island of The World ‘Venetian Lagoons’

By | May 15, 2018

venettian lagoon

Friends, there are many scary places in the world. But do you know about Venetian Lagoon’s Island, which is included in the world’s most scary and desolate places. This is considered to be a very creepy ghostly island. Look at where he is camping of ghosts on this island, why not want to go to any pretext, on this scary, horrific ghostly island? In today’s post we will tell about the scary island Venetian Lagoons.

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You might have heard about scary houses, forts or forts, but have you ever heard that the whole island of a whole is terrified and scary? Indeed, it is forbidden to go to this island located in the Venetian Lagoones of northern Italy. The government has banned people’s lives. People only go there for the time required for making liquor. Fishermen also do not go fishing near them, because many times the bones of dead humans are stuck in their trap.

It’s hard to get back to life

There is an island in Italy known as ‘Island of Dead’. This island is known as Venetian Lagoones. It is said about this island that it is difficult to return to the people living here. Actually, this is a terrible story associated with this island, due to which people do not even want to go here.

Patients left to die

It is said that hundreds of years ago this island was brought to the death of plague patients. But later this island continued to be used during Black Fever. Because of which people are afraid to go here.

More than 1 lakh people burnt alive

Those people who died on this island were given the same burial. But later, when the number of patients increased, in view of it, about 1,60,000 ill people were burnt alive. Because of this, the soul of dead people began to sink on this island. Since then people began to believe it was a ghost and that the island was completely deserted.

Ghost began to appear

However, after this, a Mental hospital was built on this island in 1922, but it was closed after a few years. It is said that here, doctors and nurses started to see many unusual things. At the same time, the patients admitted in the mad cell were also seen the ghost of plague patients.

In 1960 a private owner bought

These islands have been deserted for many years after Mantle Hospital’s closure. After this Italy’s government sold it to the private owner in 1960. The man stayed with his family for a few days, then left this place and went away.

Unlikely events occur

After this, a second family bought it to build a holiday home, but the family could also stay here for only one day. Because it is said that someone had cut the mouth of the owner’s daughter, who had to put fourteen stitches to add. After this nobody has bought it and since then this island is deserted.

No one comes alive alive

Friends After all these incidents many people queried to investigate but most of the people who were looking for the truth of this island could not come back from here. And these islands have always been deserted, however, those who came back to escape said that the souls of the dead people wander here. However, what is the truth of this ghostly island, there is still a mystery.

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