Best Tips to Control BP with Natural Home Remedies

By | May 25, 2018
Best Tips to Control BP with Natural Home Remedies

Control BP with Natural Home Remedies Detail: BP disease is murderous, but there is a method which gives strength to fight it. The effect is too fast to do the doctor’s medication. When blood pressure arteries reach 150/90, it is called hypertension. This increases the risk of brain stroke, heart, kidney and eye diseases two to three times. Due to high BP, pressure on blood vessels becomes constricted and they contract.

Best Tips to Control BP with Natural Home Remedies

How To Control BP with Natural Home Remedies

It requires more effort to pump blood to the heart. Often people do not consider blood pressure as a disease, whereas it is one of the most serious diseases.

5 reasons for blood pressure:

1. Increasing obesity 2. Do not exercise. 3. Being in the family 4. Staying in constant stress 5. Smoking

When should the BP be examined:

Every person should have blood pressure checked at age 40. If it is normal, then it should be checked every six months. If there is a level of pre-hypertension in any patient, then contact the doctor and take a checkup every month.

How much should be BP:

Normal BP should be less than 120/80. The above stage is called pre-hypertension. If BP is between 120 to 139, between 80 to 89, then in that situation, stroke, kidney, heart attack, diabetes and eyes disease increases. The condition of 140/90 is called hypertension, which is the most dangerous level.

How To Get Rid Of Blood Pressure:

– Exercise 45 minutes daily. It should be brisk walk, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, dance etc.
If you can not fast, then go for at least five kilometers daily. If there are heart patients, contact the doctor before exercising.
– Eat salt work. Do not put salt on the salad. Avoid eating papad. Do not eat more than half a teaspoon of salt throughout the day.
– Keep weight in control. Keep checking the weight again and again.
– Remove time for your hobby. If you like to play or listen to the song then give the time.
– Eat more fruits and high-fiber stuff.
In addition to fast food, fried things, cold drinks, sweet things, rice, flour, saturated fat, packed food, do not eat milk yellow part, red meat and full cream milk.

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