Top 5 Richest Cricketers In The World List

By | August 23, 2018
Top 5 Richest Cricketers In The World

Top 5 Richest Cricketers In The World: Friends, everybody wants money in today’s time. Everyone wants to be fame You will know more about one rich and famous people around you. But do you know that cricket is the most played and preferred cricket in India. Today I will tell you about the world’s five richest cricketers in this post.

Top 5 Richest Cricketers In The World List 2018:

1 Sachin Tendulkar

sachin tendulkar richest person

In the matter of earning money, Sachin Tendulkar’s name comes first. The name of Sachin Tendulkar is known by the world’s great batsmen. Recently, his biopic film has also been released in theaters. From the year 2013, Sachin had said goodbye to international cricket. He has been honored with Bharat Ratna and he is also a member of the Rajya Sabha. Currently Sachin’s net worth is $ 161 million and he is on number one in the list of the world’s richest cricketers.

2 Mahendra Singh Dhoni

ms dhoni richest person

MS Dhoni has a net worth of $ 105 million. According to Forbes, Dhoni earns $ 26.5 million every year. Which earns 3.5 million dollars through cricket. So in the earnings of sponsorship and AD, he is ahead of Ronaldo and Messi. Dhoni comes second in terms of earning.

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3 Ricky Ponting

ricky ponting richest person

Ponting’s total net worth is 65 million US dollars. Australia captain Ricky Ponting is the second highest run-getter after Sachin Tendulkar. Under the Ponting Foundation, they raise funds for those children who are suffering from cancer-like illness. It comes in third place in the list of rich cricketers.

4 Virat Kohli

virat kohli richest person

Kohli’s Net Worth earnings is 53 million US dollars. Indian Captain Virat Kohli is fourth in the list of rich players. Virat Kohli is also interested in many sports besides cricket. In 2014 Kohli has joined the 100 crore Endorsement Club. In which deal with MRF Bat was the most expensive deal in the world of cricket.

5 Shane Warne

shane warne new richest person

Shane Warne, who proved the name of Ball of the Century, is the best player in cricket. The name of the batsmen, whose name is Shane Warne Their career has more than 1000 wickets in international cricket. These come in fifth place among rich players. Their net worth is $50 million

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