Top 5 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 2018

By | April 28, 2018
top most famous churches

top most famous churchesFriends, millions of churches have been built in the world. Which are known as their own specialty. Today we will tell you about 5 Most famous Churches in this post.

Top 5 Most Famous Churches in the World 2018 List:

Los Losja Cathedral Church

The Los Lojas Cathedral Church was built in Cambodia in 1916. According to a legend, here Virgin Mary himself appeared. According to this, a woman named Maria Musa, who was driving her dumb deaf child, Rosa, on the back of the mountain. He climbed to the mountain and sat in a place due to fatigue. The same person who spun around here with his child discovered the mysterious picture of the Virgin Mary, after which the church was built here.

St. Peter Besselica

This church is the world’s largest religious building. The texture of this church is also very beautiful. Here, 60000 people can pray together. This church is located in Rome’s Vatican City. This city remains a good place for tourism.

Basil Cathedral Church

This church is located in Moscow city of Moscow. The name of this church is named after Saint Basil. This church has been constructed very attractive.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is one of the world’s oldest and charming churches. However, it is now a museum of Istanbul, but it is considered the best specimen of Byzantine architecture. This church was completed by the Byzantine Emperor Justinein.

Notre Dame Church

The construction of the Notre Dame Church began in 1163. This church is located in Paris. The architecture of this church is very beautiful and beautiful.

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