How To Use Two Whatsapp Accounts On Laptop With Simple Steps

By | April 16, 2018
How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On Laptop

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On Laptop

How To Use Two Whatsapp Accounts on Laptop: Whatsapp is the world’s fastest-growing app, so you can send your message anywhere in the world. It has some 2 billion users. Whatsapp can be downloaded for free from both Android and iOS. In 2014, Facebook bought Whatsap. The company then launched a web version of it which allows people to use it easily from their laptop and computer.

Some users have more than one account with WhatsApp, which they do not know in the same phone. For this, Whatsapp has created Web Whatsapp for doing two Whatsapp together to make it so that you can easily use it in your laptop.

Steps For Use Two Whatsapp Accounts On Laptops And PC

For this, you have to use a simple method which will allow you to use WhatsApp. To use WhatsApp, the phone will have to install WhatsApp in the phone, and then the laptop will need internet. First of all, users will need to open http: // in their web browser and also open Web Whatsapp in the settings of their WhatsApp mobile.

After this, you have to scan the QR code coming in your laptop from your phone. To open the second whatsapp in the same browser, you will have to open a new tab. In it you also have to scan the QR code of your Whatsapp. For this, you can http: // open this link in your browser. This allows you to easily use two WhatsApp Accounts On Laptop.

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