Whatsapp New Bug: Crashed Whatsapp Android, iOS Devices

By | May 7, 2018
Whatsapp New Bug 2018

Whatsapp New Bug: Whatsapp is the most downloaded app. There is a message again in WhatsApp that is causing the app to crash. At present, there are some messages on WhatsApp which are affecting users both Android and iOS. In some cases these messaging users are also forced to restart the smartphones.

Whatsapp New Bug That Crush Your Smartphone

Whatsapp New Bug 2018

For both Android and iOS users, there are messages coming in, which contain hidden special characters. This changes the process of text. Some such invisible symbols can freeze whatsapp. Another message is being forwarded to WhatsApp in WhatsApp recently. This is going to hangs WhatsApp for a few seconds. Message is written in – If you touch the Blue Ball point then your WhatsApp will hang. The black icon comes in this message. Clicking on this app freeze.

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It is being told that this message thread is crashing the app due to space between text and black dot. By converting this message into HTML, it shows that the text has a right to left mark.

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